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    As most of you know I work in management for our local transit authority. A man got on one of our buses today trying to get to an area that we don't service. Speaks only spanish, very elderly. He seems very disoriented, so the driver brought him back here and we called the Department of Adult and Aging services and the police. Turns out he is running away from his daughter who is mean to him, never feeds him enough, and doesn't care about him. He was trying to get to the Veteran's home in Barstow....

    I gave him banana bread and water and found an interpreter. I keep looking around here for more food, but all there is is junk! I don't want to give him anything sugary without knowing his medical background!!

    He opened his portfolio to show his ID and he has a HUGE picture of him and his wife and three kids from about 50 years ago. [​IMG] [​IMG] WHY ARE PEOPLE MEAN TO OLD PEOPLE????

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    At least you were kind to him. Hopefully the authorities will handle this. I've never understood how anyone could be cruel to children, elderly or animals.
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  3. that's awful! I used to live in Barstow (well out past Barstow...Ft Irwin), if i still lived there, I'd get him to the veterans home myself! poor guy!

    glad you were able to call someoen who could help him. hope they don't send him back to his daughter if that's how she is treating him.
  4. Thank God you were there to help him [​IMG] Don't cry, be strong and see this thing thru as he needs a helping hand strong enough to get this taken care of! Its very stressful for elderly to make such a change and I am VERY proud of your willingness to help, BIG HUGS to you! Thank you so much...
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    The police went to "interview" his daughter. The thing with the veteran's home is - do they have an opening? Does he need a referral? Will they accept him? Is he even a veteran - he only speaks spanish, so.... That is why we didn't just take him there. He is enjoying the banana bread - slice after slice. [​IMG]

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    This is why some animals eat their young.

    Karma points to you for helping this poor guy out. [​IMG]
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    Poor guy!

    I can't imagine why a child would treat an elderly parent so bad. BOGGLES the mind.
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    Adult Protective Services and the daughter are on their way - apparently, this gentleman is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's..... I fell so bad for him!
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    Well, APS and the daughter showed up. talked to him for quite some time. He still wouldn't leave with the daughter, but did agree to go home if the APS guy took him there. APS will go and inspect the home and make a determination from there.

    I did notice that when he left, one of our employees was helping him out while the daughter kissed the policeman's behind....

    Our bus driver that went out of her way to bring him in here needs a reward.

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