I think I broke a 2 day old chicks wing - help :(

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    We got 30 chicks on Wednesday morning. Last night I was wiping off bottoms that were looking poopy - trying to get ahead of any pasty butt issues. As I held one I didn't realize I'd bent her wing. Once I noticed, I adjusted the way I held her, but when I put her down - that wing sticks out oddly, at an angle. I felt gently along it, and it feels like it may have broken along the "top of the arc" of her wingspan, if that makes sense? Like if you stick your arm out, it would be about the elbow. I haven't checked her today, but is there any way to help this heal? I'm just devastated about doing this to one of our babies!
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    With older chickens you can use a figure 8 bandage to hold the broken wing next to the body, but I don't think that would be practical in a tiny chick who is growing so quickly from week to week. It also may keep her from breathing normally. Maybe someone else can help you with thi, but I would tend to leave it alone and watch the chick closely. Here is a link about the figure 8 bandage, just to see what it is, but I would use great caution in using it: http://www.starlingtalk.com/fractures.htm

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