I think I found my rooster.

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    So my group of 8 is still young so its not 100%. Their almost 2 weeks old now and one of the chicks is acting different. When i go to change their water, the others run to the back of their little pin and he runs at me. I also have a 2 1/2 or 3 week old duckling in with them and he has started trying to fly at the duck (of course he can't fly yet) and peaks at the duck. I guess ill have to wait to see if im right about him.
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    I’ve seen two week old chicks fly up two feet and horizontal three feet when Mama took them to the roosts. They looked like they could have gone a lot further if they needed to. Don’t be too sure they can’t fly yet even if the top of your brooder is open. There can be a big difference in can or will.

    That behavior does sound a lot like a cockerel. At that age it can be pretty difficult if not impossible to tell sex by behavior or looks, but sometimes certain individuals stand out. I’ve had some at hatch that looked male by appearance and behavior, though I’ve never been sure of any pullet based on that. If that chick has fairly heavy legs compared to the others and more of an upright posture I think you have found a male.
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    I'll be in the barn!
    Pictures would also help... :)

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