i think i have a broody hen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 28, 2018
help! i think i have a broody hen! she went into her nesting box... and she usually is only in their for 5 minuets lays then get out! but today she was in there for like an hour and when i approached her she made this mad chirping sounds finally i got fed up with waiting (knowing some thing was wrong) and when i lifted her up their was an egg!! all day that day she had been grouchy and snapy! well any way once i took the egg away and put her down she started looking for nesting material picking up peaces of grass. is she broody?! and what do i do
Mar 30, 2018
Sounds like my buff orp. She goes broody about every other week. Just keep taking the egg and taking her off the nest. I tried leaving mine alone once and she collected the other eggs out of the other nesting boxes and put them all under her. Now I collect eggs throughout the day so she has no other ones to steal and grab hers as soon as she lays.


Spicy Sugar Cookie
5 Years
Apr 26, 2017
My hens do that too sometimes. I have a seriously broody hen (her three babies just hatched last night screeee! So cute, they’re all black and poooooffffyyyy) and about two hens that will brood if you let them but basically shrug their shoulders if you don’t. I have one that screams and screams if you don’t let her but she also isn’t too bad. Just keep taking the eggs from her and give her privacy when she lays; some hens are way too picky about how and with whom they lay. :)

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