I think I have been ruined


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
North Alabama
So I managed to get my hands on five pounds of good, thick cut, localy and sustainably raised, localy processed, smoked and cured bacon. I fried some up last night and...


I can never go back

So later on I call up my boyfriend and the conversation goes

Me: "baby... do you think you would mind helping me the next few weekends splitting some cedar logs and building some thick food fencing

Boyfriend: I guess so., how big

Me: Not too terribly big, but I want it in sections so I can move it around, like around different sections of the woods and fields

Boyfriend: .... this isn't to fence off a flower garden is it?

Me: *innocently* nooooo

Boyfriend: What are you planning to get now?

Me: what ever do you mean?

Boyfriend: *sighs*

Me: Ok ok, I want to raise a pig

Boyfriend: A pig! why?!

me: you only need to raise them for about 4 months, they practically feed themselves when you pasture them, feed them scraps and offer them supplement feed and hay, they can be trained and you can eat just about everything on them!

boyfriend: ....

I'm still working on him. I might make more of that bacon soon to remind him just how good it is.
I know what you mean. Once you tase REAL quality down home food.. the way God and nature intended.. There's no going back.
You'll have to apply chicken math to this one to convince your BF
remember "Pork fat RULES!"
Just wait til you have a "real" ham.....it's beyond divine. Honeybaked and the rest can't hold a candle to pig that's been raised with minimal stress, happy, and comfy - it's just beautiful. I don't know what I like more, bacon or ham, from a "real" pig.

I convinced DH to let me get two pigs this year
Just go slow on the dude, let it sink in, and let him come around to it!
I saved the grease from the bacon which I NEVER do, since we almost never fry anything and tend to use chicken bullion/stock that I make from my chickens to flavor, and froze it to use for later. I think it would be great in beans and greens.

where in North Al. are you? the reason i ask is my cousin was telling me he found a guy up on Sand Mountain that sells top hogs at a real good price.he is supposed to have "old" time Durocs,Polland China's and another breed i cant remember.

i would rather buy one already topped out than raise one. but if you want to top one out he might be a place to get one to finish out too.

Hogs are smart and they are great escape artists! You'll have to have one heck of a containment system or don't be surprised if your whole yard gets a good nose tilling over night!

Good luck on the BF!

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