I think I have the most spoiled pet chicken the world has ever known.

Chicken + Duck = Ducken!

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Hi my name is Samantha, and I have a white broiler chicken named Honey Bun who is almost 17 weeks old. I have raised her ever since she was a few days old.I bought her from Atwoods when she was about 3 inches tall, and now she is like almost 3 feet tall. Yes, I know that broiler chickens are meant to be meat birds, but Honey Bun is different. She is pretty healthy with no health or weight problems, thanks to her diet, and the fact that she's a house pet. Yes, you read it right, Honey Bun is a house pet. You think its impossible to have a chicken for a house pet right? That its impossible for you to teach a chicken to come when you call her? To make her look forward to snuggling and walk up to random people to be petted? Well, that's exactly what Honey Bun does. Is it normal? She usually sleeps at the foot of my bed (she freaks out if she wakes up to find me gone, and I'm NOT about to sit beside her bed on the floor ALL NIGHT LONG. Are chickens supposed to walk up to random people to get petted?? I take Honey Bun to my city park a lot and she will run off, go up to some random person, and cluck at them until they pet her. Its ridiculous!!! If yall want proof of this spoiled hen, I'm gonna post a picture of her sleeping on my bed soon, once I figure out how. Honey Bun doesn't sleep like any normal chicken. She sleeps with her wings streched out and her neck hanging over the side of the bed. And that's not all. I have to keep a glass of water beside my bed because she will peck me in the middle of the freaking night for a drink of water. She will also wake me up if she needs to go to the bathroom.LOL that is a true story, if ya want proof, ask the incredibly spoiled white broiler hen laying down next to me snoring! Soon, Honey Bun won't be my only spoiled bird, I have 3 ducklings that are about 4 weeks old named Apollo, Ares, and Shade. I incubated them, watched them hatch, and snuggle them almost as much as I snuggle Honey Bun. They will be close to as spoiled as Honey Bun, but I am NOT letting the ducklings sleep on my bed to. No matter how much they give me that adorable wittle sideways cute look, I'm not gonna sleep on the floor while my bed is being taken over by adorable little ducklings and a big white hen. I would love to tell ya more bout my spoiled Honey Bun, Ares, Apollo, and Shade, but Honey Bun just woke up and is pecking me until I give her a drink from her glass of water. Ttyl and thanks 4 listining.

Note: If you die of laughter, my animals and I are totally not responsible in any way.
Uh oh... I grabbed the wrong glass and Honey Bun just ended up drinking Pepsi instead of water and well, let's just say Pepsi is not a good idea to give to a chicken who will get some in her beak and flick it all over the bed sheets and blankets that I washed earlier today...
from California!

There are a LOT of BYCers who live with House Chickens, and even several with House Ducks. So you are in really good company!!!
I had pearl white leghorn well 2 who became real spoiled the other grew jealous of the other after seeing him being handled all the time.any way they use to run to front of my house when they hear the sound of the school bus, and those 2 along with their brothers wait for me to get off the bus and then it'll do that strut feather dance thing poke my shoe and follow me to the porch and sit on my lap.
Right now I have two Seramas living in my room, and there will probably be more soon as the female, MayMay, is on eggs and I'll probably let her hatch some babies soon. So it isn't weird at all. Good luck with her. I'm glad she is so spoiled.
Oh my goodness!!!!!! That is hilarious!!!! I have ducks and they are my pets. I could never eat them even if I was starving to death. Seriously. Just read my signature at the bottom. Those are the ducks I have now. Tom. at 6 in the morning come two more to keep my one duckling happy. Four ducks!!!!!? Messy. I love your story. I think it is perfectly normal. Want to see photos!


My baby, Tilly.
No words can explain how much I love this duck. Not duck,
baby. My baby. I think I am crying right now . lol. Enough with my
biz, want more about your little family!

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