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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by sara, Apr 20, 2009.

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    Who knew baby turkeys were so stinkin cute. I'm currently in a hatch of BR turkeys from Sandspoultry for my dad. The first two are out, and so cute! I can't stay away from the incubator. I think I am going to have a hard time giving them to my dad. I guess I'll have to order more eggs for myself. lol I can't wait to share pictures of these once the hatch is complete. I called my dad when the first one hatched earlier today and he sounded very excited. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I want turkeys so bad, but I am afraid of getting babies! I have heard they are very fragile, and I know I'll kill them! [​IMG] Good luck, maybe your dad will let you keep a few? [​IMG]
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    They are not that hard to raise, we used warm water for ours until they went outside, for the first week they had vitains in their water and we feed them game starter for their first 3 months. We started two, showed them their food and water everyday the first week. They are still alive and well.
    They had their own new brooder, so no possibility of shared germs, and their own new food and water containers. We washed our hands very well before and after we did anything for them. They are now in their outside home that has half wood roof run and a tarp over the rest so they will not drown in the rain. They are 10 weeks old now, and huge.

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    8 babies out, 4 more eggs to go. I see at least three pips. The other egg is to far back to see. [​IMG]
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    I've found the first week with the poults has been even easier than chicks (not a single case of pasty butt). They started eating and drinking without any help from me and have needed no other special attention (although they certainly get enough with as cute as they are)
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    Mine were from a disaster hatch and even then they're making it. Vitamins and electrolytes and they've been otherwise pretty much the same - well except for the time they've been spending in my shirt, in my hands and in a blanket next to me on the couch... But that would be confessing.

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    I take a couple of my chicks that are a couple weeks old and use them as trainers. The chicks teach the poults where to find the food and water.

    I do the same thing with newly hatched baby chicks when I can..use a trainer to show them what baby chicks are supposed to do. I never have to "dip" a chicks beak. And I don't lose any because they couldn't figure it out. They are so curious by nature that they do what the others are doing.
  9. Quote:Sara,
    That's good for shipped eggs! We were hoping you had a good hatch for your Dad (how is he by the way?) Can't wait to see the pics.


  10. sara

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    Steve~ He is doing fine right now, keeping himself busy and preoccupied with his garden. He goes in for surgery on May 4th.

    I think there are two more just about out, so that will bring the total up to 10. I know 12 of the 14 were good at about day 7 but didn't check them since then. I figured if I had 4-6 to give him that would be good. He just told me I have to keep a couple because he doesn't have room for 10. lol I'm thrilled with how good the hatch has been. Thank you!
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