I think I might be suffering from Teenage depression

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    I don't know why but I feel kinda depressed lately and i don't know why so I looked up signs and I have a few of them.

    Sadness or hopelessness: sometimes. I don't know why.
    Irritability, anger, or hostility: Same as above.
    Tearfulness or frequent crying: No
    Withdrawal from friends and family: sometimes
    Loss of interest in activities: No
    Changes in eating and sleeping habits: I feel more tired then I have in the past. And I am not as hungry as I normally am.
    Restlessness and agitation:sometimes
    Feelings of worthlessness and guilt: Rarely
    Lack of enthusiasm and motivation: Sometimes
    Fatigue or lack of energy: sometimes
    Difficulty concentrating: I have always had trouble with that.
    Thoughts of death or suicide: No
    Unexplained aches and pains: I have a ton of back pain from a car crash four or five years ago but I got ex-rays and everything checked out fine so I don't know.
    Please someone tell me what you think and if this is something I should talk to my doctor about.
    I haven't told my Mom yet I wanted to get your opinion first.
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  2. Laney

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    My opinion, is take that list and talk to your Mom! As a Mom I can tell you she honestly wants to know. If there has been a change in you she knows it and would love to hear from you what you think about it. She doesn't mind that you don't know what is causing it because she has been there.

    You can decide together if you need to talk to your doctor about it. The list is a great way to open the conversation, just the way you did here.

    Mom to a teenager and former teenager.
  3. There's quite a bit of depression and BPD in our family, but I'm not a doc so take this with a grain of salt.

    1-Could be winter blues... tons of people get just blah this time of year... be great if it's this because it'll go away come spring!

    2-Could be hormonal... guys and dolls both have hormonal fluctuations particularly in the teen years... good news, again it will go away!

    3-Could be plain ol' depression or even BPD... there are herbal, physical (ie gardening), and chemical ways to treat this as well as talking with a counselor/shrink ... if it's true blue depression then it's worth a doctor's visit. Treated properly depression, even BPD can be lived with comfortably. Many problems arise because folks don't seek treatment, or if they have meds they stop taking them... big no no.

    4-Could be a million other things *passes salt shaker*

    But, even with hormonal/seasonal saddies a talk with the doc wouldn't hurt. You can take meds for a few months (as some do when they lose a loved one, go through a divorce, etc until things level back out) and then get back to normal...

    The big thing is that you are asking for advice and help. That Is HUGE! So many people suffer through this (and worse) and are too scared, embarassed, and of course worried that they'll worry their loved ones, if they say anything.

    Sidenote: A couple of those questions could also be used to identify ADD or ADHD (one of the other or both I don't remember) ... if you have that (even a mild case) AND add teenage hormonal fluctuations... well it would explain some pretty severe mood swings... just another random thought.

    Again, grain of salt, but my advice would be to go ahead and talk to mom about it. ANY mom would rather know what's bothering their kiddo then to find out after the fact that they were hurting and they didn't know... that's just bad on a mom (or dad) because we want to do all we can to love, protect, and provide for our munchkins. Give mom the benefit of the doubt and open the door. May turn out she had a similar time in her youth.

    Best of luck and sunny skies... even if it is 30 degrees. [​IMG]
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    Hi hun, I remember going through something similar as a teenager, and I think all of us do.I agree with Laney, you should talk to your mum and talk to your doctor. Its nothing to be ashamed of and if you are feeling down and anxious you should see and talk to someone about it. Big hug from me and I hope you feel better [​IMG]

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    Nov 10, 2009
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    Nice to know I'm not the only person on here who does that...went a bit like that yesturday.
    Do things that will cheer you up. If you have to, take the day off and just have fun! I know - - make a list of some funny things that happened in the past year, and, if you want to, post them onto here. Talking to your mum or dad is a really good idea as well, and mabe call your friends also and talk or organize for a movie night, horse riding trek, swimming, anything.
    Just a few suggestions...
    (edited to add) With december coming up, it may just be exhaustion. Sleep in, eat and exercise and you'll feel much better
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    Oct 5, 2009
    You may be affected by the seasonal change and these darn short days - it gets dark so early! One common manifestation of "true" (clinical) depression is that you no longer take pleasure in doing things you always have. Or stop taking care of yourself (grooming/hygene) or your pets. Talk to your mom ...

    (mom of four - and I'd want to know!)
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    I think you are going through puberty my friend.

    Is your dad there?

    I'd talk to him, if he will listen.

    But sometimes you just have to talk to mom, so take the list to her and talk it over.

    She knows you better than anyone else on the planet... guaranteed.

  8. CMV

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Agree with everyone here. Talk to your Mom. She'll do anything she can to help you out. I know I would.

    Being a teen is a tough time. I remember being a teen and frankly I wouldn't ever want to be back there. [​IMG]

    I have a family history of depression. The biggest help for me is to exercise, exercise, exercise. It's hard to feel depressed when you are constantly flooding your system with endorphins.
  9. Other than all that great advice (exercise, talking to mom etc), I am a firm believer in prescription medication, especially if you are, or have ever been, considering suicide. I was suicidal and self mutilating as a teen, was put on prozac, and somehow it made everything better. I only took it for like 6 months, but I have NEVER again had any problems... so talk to your mom, or a doc. and do it soon.

  10. sfw2

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    I'm not in ANY way making light of the way you feel, but I have to say that you sound like a normal teenager to me. That said, if you have concerns, PLEASE discuss them with your Mom and/or your doctor.

    I do agree with previous posters who mentioned the seasonal changes. I know the shorter days and cloudy weather affect my moods.

    Take care! [​IMG]

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