I think I need a Chickalo!!

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    Aug 3, 2009
    okay one of my chickens will not stop sitting on the eggs in the roostbox!![​IMG] We looked it up, it saaid shewas egg bound. So we put her in warm water for a lilttle while. she still won't leave the coop! Shes one of the bigger chickens. One of the other chickens (americana) cant fit in the roost so she gets in the tree near the coop.
    We looked it up again, it says that she wants to have a baby chicken. Well we have this thing with our neighboors. we can have chickens as long as thers NO ROOSTER.
    My daughter wants a baby chick and I think it would be cute to have one.[​IMG] If we bring a rooster in for a day and leave it in the coop with Forte (troubled chicken) will they mate? or will they kill eachother? idk. Please help. God Bless.
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    I would buy some fertile eggs from someone and let her sit on them. There is a lot of info on broody hens in the "chicken behavior section".

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