I Think I screwed up Anybody have any info


8 Years
Jun 17, 2011
I really can't believe I did this but I can say it was a blonde moment for sure. Ok so my eggs are to hatch today and yesterday I opened up the incubator to add 4 trays of eggs thinking my other eggs were to hatch next Saturday thinking that was Memorial Day weekend DAH and not this one. It did drop the temp and humidity by the time I noticed they were to hatch this weekend so what are the chances that I just likked my birds. I had it open maybe 5 minutes moving eggs around and adding some. I did close the incubator and as soon as I noticed my mistake tried to get the temp back up with the humidity. I sprayed water by the fans on top to help but I don't know how effective this was or if that would have hurt more than what I did?
Does anybody have any advise.
:( Patty
Do not worry just use logic the broody hen can leave the nest for more than 30 min to eat drink and poo it even leaves the nest some times when chicks start to hatch and the rest of the eggs continue to hatch with no problem the rules are the perfection but if broken just a little there is no harm

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