I think I spoil my chickens

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Suess hens, Aug 23, 2008.

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    May 4, 2008
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    My chickens live a normal life in their coop and run. The five of them have a run 15'x12' and 6' tall, with their little "school house" coop inside. They have roosts all over and I see them "climbing" on anything I put in there, and they cool off under the coop.
    Now for the spoiled part. Whenever they see me enter the garden (a fenced 75'x15' area of the yard) They run to the door of the run and line up like school children and wait for me to let them "free." If I don't, if I am just in there to grab something, check on something, look in on them, Nelly starts talking and tells me just how mad at me she is. Then I feel bad and I usually go let them out. Then they enjoy themselves all over the garden. I will go out later and they are lounging around in and among the plants. And they look at me with these eyes that say "Don't make us go back yet."
    Are these girls, and one boy, spoiled?
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    Sounds normal to me..... [​IMG]

    At our place, if you prop open the laundry/mud room door to bring groceries in, most of the flock runs in and sits on the hall tree bench there to wait for any goodies we may have purchased.

    We have a Jersey Black Giant in the laundry/mud room now, raising a clutch of chicks. Before the chicks arrived, she would scratch at the slider screen to go outside to do her broody poo. One morning I forgot to leave the screen open so she could go out. But I left the door into the kitchen open, she walked in (bawking all the way) to complain she had to go out.

    We have an old house and sometime the door from the laundry/mud room into the kitchen doesn't close all the way. If it is open even a bit, our JBG walks in and starts pecking at the refrigerator door! I think she knows we keep the yogurt there! [​IMG]

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