i think i was sold old quail that are done laying eggs


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I bought three hens and one roo at the fairgrounds. He said they were 6 weeks old and laying eggs already. These cortinix are huge. I think i was sold his old laying stock that wouldnt lay anymore. I have had these birds going on four weeks now. The pen is quite sufficient so i seriously doubt that has anything to do with it. They are being properly fed and have plenty of water at all times and there is no fighting between the birds. If this is the case i will enjoy them at the dinner table but i specifically told that guy i wanted them for eggs. If this is the case hopefully Karma will do its job.
IME, sometimes, when quail are moved, it takes them a while to start laying again. Like last summer, i had my quail outside, and at the end of summer moved them into the barn. It took them a while to start laying again. Just make sure they are getting enough light, and protein, and they should start laying again. they would have to be pretty old to be done laying, and I know in my case, it is not worth feeding them to be an old age, I keep hatching out new ones and as soon as the new ones are laying, I butcher the previous batch. They eat way too much to keep them around for years to the point of them not laying anymore. Just give it some time.
I bought a hen in March, stress caused her to molt and she still isn't laying. So, there are tons of different factors that can cause them to stop laying. Mine probably will not lay again until July.

Give them some time, it could take them awhile.
Thanks for the info. I hate to bear on the negative, ill try not to jump to conclusions. Txs..... ill keep them from the dinner plate for a bit. I think I'm too stoked about finding my first egg.
You Have Not Been Educated In Quail Law..... Specifically The Coturnix Branch

Quail Law States That All Coturnix Are The Lovers Of Perpetual Sameness--- By Purchasing These Birds And Moving Them To Your Home To A New Pen And Changing Their Environement And Feed And Water And Shelter You Have Grievously Broken The Worst Felony Alotments Within Quail Law At Least 1/2 To 1 Dozen Times..... This Will Bear The Maximum Sentance. Change My Pen? Bad Keeper! No Eggs For You! Change My Food? Bad Keeper ! No Eggs For You!..... The Sentance Is Currently Being Served. How Long It Will Last? Should Be Passing Anytime Now Provided You Actually Have Hens And Havent Made Any Changes Since You Upset Them And Brought Them To The New Place And Feed.

So.... Having Said This, And Before We Start Grinding The Edge On The Ax.... Let Everything Settle, Make Sure You Didnt Get Ripped Off And Actually Did Get The Proper Amount Of Hens... And Then Let Them Acclimate And Before Much Longer The Sentance Should Be Complete With Time Served

Oh 1 More Thing.... If You Run To The Pen And Dance Around Anxiously Thrashing About Looking For The Long Awaited Egg Like A Kid On ChrIstmas Morning..... They Will Notice And Make You Wait That Much Longer....
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For The Record.... They Until They Die. No Such Thing As Too Old To Lay In Coturnix. Granted The Rate Will Decrease With Age, But It Does Not Stop.
You might also add some oyster shell free choice. I have found that seems to help boost the laying when mine have slowed down for some reason.

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