I think it's time to move the brooder....

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by fluffpuffgerbil, Mar 4, 2014.

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    I really don't want to, but I've had the chicks for almost 4 weeks in my room and I am seeing a very visible later of dust on my desks and shelves lol....

    I don't know if I'm ready to have them out of the house, so I was thinking I'd move them to our living room where the room is a LOT bigger and it will be easier to wipe things down and dust. I'll probably just make another cardboard brooder, and I think I'll put chicken wire over the top of it so our youngest cat doesn't decide to jump in. She's kinda wary of them, but still interested, but not as interested anymore because she got pecked in the nose.

    We don't have our coop built--I was going to make a grow out coop, but my dad's like "no no, they'll be fine until we build the big coop".

    I still doubt that but okay.

    But anyway, I'm wary of putting them in the garage because we have an outdoor cat that hunts, and she'd probably be able to get to the chicks(not that she ever leaves the room between the garage and the house, where our rabbit lives), but the dust is driving me crazy. I can deal with it in the living room, not in my room though.

    They're definitely fun, but their water is driving me crazy. Their rodent water bottle drips and they are kicking everything into their standard waterer and I spill it everytime I try to clean it. *,* Ughjk, well, I definitely enjoy them still, but they can be a handful!
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    That dust? You're also breathing it, just sayin'.

    I cannot handle it in the house and my wife forbids it. The garage, the barn, a shed, almost anything can be made to work. Some folks will no doubt give you some tips and other help on your other issues.
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    I'm with Fred--you're breathing that in. Your lungs are coated with the same layer that's on all the surfaces in your room [​IMG]

    chicken wire over the top of cardboard won't hold up a cat walking on top of it, the wire will give or the sides of the box will bend in. You'll need something sturdier to cover the box. I use expanded metal.

    Take out the dripping bottle. Wet bedding is prime conditions for sick chicks. Elevate the waterer on bricks or 2x4s or whatever to keep them from kicking bedding into it.

    I'd move them to the garage, myself. Never brood chicks in the house. You'll need the same cover to keep the indoor cat out as the outdoor cat, so that's really no different.

    Get really, really busy on that coop. They're gonna outgrow the brooder in a few short weeks!
  4. fluffpuffgerbil

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    Yeah I know I'm breathing it. I moved them to the living room already. I'll talk to my dad about building that grow out coop once he gets back.

    I don't know if we have any bricks or wood pieces big enough for that, but I'll figure something out. I did have a shallow plastic bowl with screen over the top of it underneath the bottle so it dripped into there instead of on the bedding.

    And I know a lot of people on here brood in the house--- at least for awhile? And I know of some people in person who do it, too, at least for a bit.

    I'll try and make sure everything's reinforced and the cat can't get up
  5. fluffpuffgerbil

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    Okay, so my dad said he's planning on having the coop done in 2 weeks. If the chicks are too much to keep in the living room, then we'll move them to the garage(cat cannot access garage on her own, so they'll be safe), and usually someone is home all the time(usually I'm home all the time) to keep an eye and ear on the brooder to make sure no cats get brave(only 1 of our cats is sort of interested in the chicks, the others don't care), and if we're all out of the house, we'll shut the cats up in my sister's room where they have their litter box, food, water, etc.

    I raised their water (standard waterer, took out the bottle) and their food up on buckets, they have roosts, and they can't get out of the brooder on their own anymore, they seem to be settling in. The brooder is over 3' tall.

    Anyway, I think we got everything under control, but I'll always refer to you guys for assistance~
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    Jul 18, 2013
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  7. fluffpuffgerbil

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    Update: We'll be moving them into the garage tomorrow. =) Good practice for when they'll be away from me and in the coop. Again, the cat CANNOT get into the garage. We have a separate room between the house and the garage where the cat and the rabbit (in his hutch) live and there's a door separating that mini room from the garage. We keep the door shut all the time anyway, so chickies will be fine in the living room for the night, but tomorrow we'll move 'em out
  8. fluffpuffgerbil

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    Another change of plans--- we decided just to move them into the garage tonight lol

    It'll be weird not having my babies in the house right next to me, but it's time to start weening myself off of their company =P

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