I Think I've Got "The One"!


10 Years
Jan 14, 2010
Liberty, NC
Here's my latest of many coop designs. Although my DH says it's more like a "House" than a "Coop."
Tell me what ya'll think. The building is a 12 x 12 foot storage building.

Disclaimer - I have never owned a chicken and probably don't really know anything.

I would think a narrow 4' run would be a complete mess by the coop because they have to walk through the same 4' of space to get to the 20' of run. Could you bring the breeder run to the "north" side of the coop and allow the center run to be wider?

I am assuming a wider run would be better. Again, I don't have any experience.
This is a GREAT idea .. and easily remedied! I like the way you think.
I thought about making a way to collect the eggs from the work area. DH suggested roll-out nests that would roll towards the work area. I'm worried they'd gain too much momentum and crack against each other.
If you go out the "side door" into the big run, you can go through gates into the other two runs. Are ya'll suggesting an entrance to the runs where you don't have to go through the coop first? Our idea was to keep the perimeter fence solid so it's more secure.
We're working with 10 ft dog lot panels, so working with the runs is limited. I could move the first run's (top one) dividing fence all the way over by the second run's pop door. Then shift that run's fence over too. That would make those two wider.
Thanks for the comments! Keep em comin!
Well I personally don't mind entering my coop to get to the eggs. Sometimes I even sit inside to watch them lay. It gives me observation time, helps me to know their habits, and know what's normal or not for my girls. So I've never regretted not having outside access for egg collection. But many love it.
And yes, if one of the dog run panels could have a door in it (I know that's an option in dog runs), you wouldn't regret it. Imagine something bad going on inside the run at the furthest point away from the coop entrance. You want access to get there fast. PLUS, it just makes it easier if you're cleaning (taking a wheel barrow in or whatever), or carrying things into the run for other points. I'd at least consider placing one at the far end of the large run, and if it was my coop (very envious here...lol), I'd place two, one in the big run close to where it meets the coop, and one in the big run where it meets the first small run. JMO
Do you have the roosts over the nest boxes? That is the way mine is and I don't like it, I sometimes get the bomb dropped on me as I am collecting eggs.
My new coop won't have that problem.

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