I think I've hit the jack pot! Okay well maybe not..


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Mar 23, 2008
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I was just thinking last night, I know..watch out that can be dangerous! lol I have BCMarans and I want to figure out which hen lays what egg. I would love to be able to do the trap nest, but living in Tx, its too hot to do that. I remember watching a PBS show once about a dairy farm that tags and scans the cows. When they go into the stall and get milked it scans each cow. So they know how many times that cow has been milked and how much milk she has produced, etc. I wish there were some way to do that with chickens. Cause I dont know about anyone else, but I dont have time to set out in the coop ALL dang day to see which hen lays what.

I know, Im dreaming..

TM Chickens

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Mar 3, 2008
Hmmmm. 25 mm. RFID tag tied on each hen's leg, one of Parallax's Serial RFID readers mounted on each nest box... Propeller chip has 38 i/o pens, so it could control 12 nestboxes tx/rx to the chip with a servo for each box to close the door when the hen leaves... Could write a computer program to display status of nestboxes...

Bill of materials to equip a twelve nestbox system for 36 hens:
12 Serial RFID Card Readers: $480
12 mini-breadboards for serial adapters: $48
Homemade propeller board with programming adapters and cable: $60
3 rolls of wire: $21
RFID chips: $36
12 servo motors: $156
Shipping for materials: $25
Software development: $200
Labor (10 hr. at $10 per hour): $100
Plane tickets to Texas (to install system): $200
TOTAL COST: $1,326

Is it a deal?
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Apr 18, 2010
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TM chickens - sounds like you have it all worked out. since you seem like you're familiar with Parallax, you should see what a rooster chasing a sumobot around !! I swear you'll be laughing for weeks!

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