I think my 3 week old chicks have impacted crop?? Help please...


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Oct 16, 2010
I have some turken chicks. I have had them since Oct 4th. Their bedding when they were given to me was straw, I switched to hay and put some dirt and sand/gravel in with them. They have been eating medicated chick mash and drinking water. I change their water 2x a day and they eat their mash out of whole(not broken) mussell shells. I took them outside as it was warm yesterday, and let them get some sun and check out the bugs and grass in the yard, in a little corrall I made them. The guy I got them from said they would like soured oats, so I gave them about 2tbsp(total) of soured oats on a separate lid in their tub. Just a little bit ago I noticed that 3 out of the 6 have a lump about the size of a small grape on their breast where their neck ends and their breast starts. It is soft like dough. I have never noticed this before. They are eating and drinking, but have been tearing up their hay(with shredded newspaper under). They just started doing that as well. Just tearing all heck out of their little tub. I'm kinda freaked out about it, so please let me know whatever you can to help. Is that lump normal? Is it an impacted crop? Will that kill them? Is there anything I can do? These are my first chickens and I'm worried about them. Should I not give them soured oats? Please help. Thanks in advance.
Usually the crop is large at the end of the day. My chicks this past spring got huge crops as well, the crops were small the next day. Just watch them for many signs of either, not eating and just lying around..after 1 day the crops should go down. I'm no expert, this is just what i have experienced. Good Luck!
Be sure to check the crops first thing in the morning when they should be empty.

Lots of info on the FAQ page, lots of links to threads about crop problems. I've never dealt with it, myself.
If they had an impacted crop they would act sick. I had a roo at 4 weeks that ate long blades of grass and got impacted. He acted sick. Ruffled up not moving much not eating drinking. I isloated him gave him olive oil massaged his crop and the next day he passed a hugh clump of grass that we had to help out. After that he was fine. Gave him soft foods for a couple of days to let his system rest now he is a 17 weeks old crowing like crazy roo.
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Thank you all. I will check them first thing in the morning n go from there.
Maybe it's just the first i've noticed since the chicks are getting much taller now.
You have made me feel better tho cuz they are running amuck as usual n having a grand ole time. Thank you all again n have a good nite.

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