I think my bird is dying


Jan 18, 2016
I have a Rhode Island Red that is my baby. I'm not sure how old she is. We have had her for 4 yrs but the people we rescued her from did not know her age either. Saturday, we found her outside and not in the roost at night. She was extremely weak and could hardly stand. When I try to stand her up her feet are curled and she lays back down. When she does stand, she can only for about a min. Has not walked today. Her comb is shriveled. Sleeps all the time and can hardly stand now. I thought dehydration. Been hand feeding her small amounts of food and she is drinking a few times a day. I want to know if she is dying. I don't want her to suffer. She is alert in between naps. What should I do?


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Likely dying. She could easily be 6 years or much more.
They usually hide symptoms till they can't take it any more.

If it were me, I'd send her to your state poultry lab for humane euthanasia and a necropsy so you'll know if there is an illness you need to treat the others for. Some states are free. They all have different fee schedules.
What state are you in?
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Welcome to BYC. I would try some electrolytes and vitamins on her for a few days in case she is dehydrated. If she doesn't improve with that and giving some egg, tuna, or wet chicken feed, then she may need to be put out of her misery. Curled toes and and not wanting to stand sound like dehydration or vitamin or electrolyte deficiency.

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