I think my boss cockerel is in love...


6 Years
Aug 1, 2013
Hey, I have 2 Pekin cockerels aged 7 weeks at the moment. This is my first time keeping chickens.

One of the boys is has black & white striped feathers, while the other is speckled & both boys have the same father & are supposed to be Colombian.
I've got them in with just 2 hens at the moment (both Pekins, one wheaten & one Colombian).

The striped cockerel is definitely the boss. I find this a bit odd because his brother is larger, better feathered, bigger crested etc. But, then again his brother is more placid.

The striped cockerel runs around the garden & the coop with his head lowered & charges the other birds several times a day currently. If they duck & lower their head, he races on to the next bird, if they retaliate he jumps up & down at them with his ruff feathers fluffed out & pecks them into submission. So far I have seen one tiff with his brother when his brother stood upto him & they both kicked at each other with their feet & had a small scuffle for a few seconds (no blood, missing feathers etc).
Since then, I have noticed the speckled boy submits like the hens.

However there is strange behavior going on. The "Boss" had a scrap with the fourth chick (who is from a later batch & only 3-4weeks & doesn't do as she's told by anyone) & left her with a small very swollen gash on her head so she couldn't open her eye properly for 3 days. Theres been no further injuries, but She still challenges him now when he charges her & they peck each other a bit, but if I take her away they both get very upset & call to each other loudly & he follows the sound of her (very loud & ear piercing) cheeping anywhere until he finds her. He has a very distinct call for her when he can't find her, its like a "Qkuaa qwok" noise. Also she sleeps under him (he's feathered, she isn't) & follows him everywhere, which I don't get considering they bicker so much.
The chick is definitely a female btw just incase you think she may be a boy . I can take all the others away & separate them from the others, no problem just not those two. They are always together.
Its strange because apart from these small "bickerments" he is really otherwise very attentive to that chick & he's only 7 weeks himself. I've even seen him give her HIS food that he's found or caught when they are in the garden & he always makes sure theres a space for her next to him at the feeder. If he has something in his beak & she wants it, he lets her have it. If the other 2 want it he runs away with it or stands & glares until they leave him & her alone. Also if there is a potential threat he will run behind / next to her & leaves the other birds to just scatter at will.
I haven't noticed this type of behavior at all with the other cockerel & hen.

She just won't submit to him & I think in a way its making him more attracted to her than the other hen.
I have 2 hens, but he's only interested in the youngest
its like the other 2 just tag along in their stride for the sake of company. You can take them away & he doesn't even notice. That cute chick however is his half - sister! She's related to both boys so I don't know if its safe to breed her, or even how to recognize her eggs from the other hens otherwise. I'll just have to hope any chicks are healthy, but I hate inbreeding because I know it can cause problems.

Also, when do these boys start crowing. Anybody have an idea?

I'm getting them both more girls in the future.
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