I Think My Broody Is Killing Chicks

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    Jul 31, 2010
    I have a Sebright who is broody. She has hatched 4 eggs so far all at different times-my fault as I had another broody at the same time and I wasn't prepared so I didn't mark the eggs and all that. So anyway, she hatched her first one and I had to cull it. It was in horrible shape around it's head, bloody and featherless. I thought it was born that way and deformed. Second one hatched at night and has been fine. No problems besides momma won't leave the nest to take it outside but the chick has been eating and drinking and just hopping back in the nest when done. A third and fourth hatched today. One more with the same "deformities" around the head. Hubby had to take care of that one. The fourth one I found outside the nest trying to get back in. But when I put it back in, the Sebright puffed up and pecked like crazy at the baby. She could have been pecking at me, but she hasn't done that before and she has no problem with me and the other chick-the sebright even eats from my hand and my daughter's hand.

    So now I'm thinking the Sebright may have attacked and pecked the first chick and the other one today to the point of near death. Is that possible? She is a first time momma and she's young-only about 6 months now. My theory is-the chick that she allows to be with her hatched at night, she was sleeping, mellow, and adjusted to it overnight without realizing it. Now these other ones are coming when she's alert and she's not ready and freaks.

    My other broody has 5 chicks with her that are about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks old. Since this all happened in the evening, she was in her nest with her babies and I put the newest baby under her. I don't know if it will survive or what will happen tonight but for now the chick is staying under her. I'm assuming in the morning I'll need a new arrangement because that momma will go outside with her babies and this one is too young to follow.

    So could it be the Sebright? I'm wondering what to do now. She still has a few eggs under her. I don't have an incubator available but I do have a brooder I can get set up if needed for any that do hatch. Do I just let nature take its course or should I try to move the eggs to some type of emergency incubator I can put together quickly? I was thinking I could move the remaining eggs to an incubator to see if they will hatch but I have no idea how to put something like that together really fast...

    And what to do with the one that hatched today? Will the other momma take care of it or should I just move it to a brooder right away. My coop is set up with ramps to the door and then they go down the ramp and to an enclosed run. Most of the chickens free range in the yard but I've kept the momma and her babies inside the run until they get a little bigger.

    Any suggestions or advice is appreciated! I do know that next time someone is on eggs I will be marking them immediately with dates and all that!

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