I THINK my Cayuga laid her first egg!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by gryeyes, Jul 18, 2010.

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    I'm working off my laptop at Starbucks right now, so I don't have a photo to upload, but in the middle of my chicken run (my Cayuga pair are part of the whole poultry flock) this morning, I found a chicken-egg-sized, dark grey, mottled egg. I mention it as being chicken egg sized because it's the size of a regularly laying chicken's egg, not one of the first smaller ones. So, perhaps Thelma's first egg is small for a duck, but quite nicely sized for a chicken.

    But none of my chickens lay eggs that color at all. So it's GOT to be Thelma's egg. My pullets also don't usually lay right in the middle of the run, but I do have a couple of point of lay pullets getting ready to lay....

    But a mottled grey egg?? That's got to be Thelma's, right??? She's 20 or 21 weeks old.
  2. Quote:They should be dark grey/green..so that's probably hers! I'm jealous of the Starbucks...I'm wanting a soy chai tea latte really bad right now! [​IMG]
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    As my runners start laying, their eggs start out the size of medium chicken eggs (one exception, a pullet-sized egg with no yolk), about 40 grams. As they continue, the eggs are approaching 60 grams most of the time, with one astounding 90 gram egg laid by one of my black runners.

    So it seems right that yes, this is your Cayuga.
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    Here's a photo of Thelma's first egg:

    Yesterday, she made herself a little nest (depression in the dirt) under a rose bush next to the back porch. She laid an egg in it, then gathered dry grasses to line and cover the nest. I thought, oh - broody already???

    But no, just a tidy housekeeper. She waddled away for the rest of the day. I removed the egg.

    THIS morning, she's making little gutteral comments under her breath and lining the nest depression again, but had not laid an egg by the time I left for work.

    Do Cayugas go broody?? Or is she just the tidy housekeeper I think she is?
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    May 24, 2010
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    Do Cayugas go broody??

    My cayuga hatched 6 of her 8 eggs,both parents watch the babies like hawks,even tho they are now 5 weeks old.
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    What color eggs do Magpies lay?? white?

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