I think my chick has Marek's

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    May 15, 2008
    Hi Everyone;
    This is my first time posting here.[​IMG]
    From everything I am reading, and pictures I have seen, I think my almost 3 month old Brahama chick"Snowflake"
    has Marek's.[​IMG] I have had chickens off and on most of my life and I have never seen or heard of this before.
    We are now 3 weeks into this with some signs of improvement. At her worst, she could not sit upright. She
    had one leg stuck out in front and the other out behind her. She eats drinks poops and is very alert.
    I had noticed one day a droopy wing when she was outside with the other chickens. Then I saw her stumble and fall.
    She has been indoors since then. I am giving her bird vitamins in her water and she is eating chick starter and some
    cracked corn. She has movement in her legs but no real control. She is now able to sit with ler legs tucked under her
    most of the time. Her legs and toes are warm. She cannot stand or walk at this point. Most of the things I have read
    about Marek's do not have happy endings and I am aware that she still could die but I really would like to hear about
    some good outcomes. She has not given up yet and I don't want to give up on her. My daughter picked her out at the Co-op
    when she was back here visiting.

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    Quote:Sorry to say it, Cindy, but the reason you're hearing nothing but crickets is because good outcomes with Marek's are as rare as hen's teeth.

    BTW [​IMG]

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