I think my chick has spraddle leg!!!


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Jan 22, 2008
Ft. Myers, FL
I have a 3 week old chick that appears to have spraddle leg. I looked up info on it on the forum, and did the bandaid splint. I hasn't helped at all. She cannot stand. Shewill eat and drink when I lay her close to the food, so I have been doing this since last night.

My question is about her quality of life. Is spraddle leg painfull???? I don't want her to suffer if she is in pain or will not get well. I can't cull her myself, I would have to find a neoghbor that would do it for me. I just don't know what to do. Should I give it a few more days, or have her but out of her misery?????


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Sep 25, 2007
I feel like I saw someone post here that you can put a chick with spraddle leg in a drinking glass for several hours a day to force them to use their legs.....I may be remembering wrong, though - may have been another leg issue. GOOD luck with this one. It's gotta be tough watching it. Someone who knows way more than me will pop in & give you better advice!!!

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May 2, 2007
Naples, Florida
I taped mine up and then sat it in a tall round container lined with a wash cloth so the chick couldn't do anything up sit upright. I keep it that way for 24hrs then let it drink and eat for a minute then sat it back in the container. Then once it was able to hold it's legs under it I kept it in a shoe box lined with the rubber shelf liner. It was fine after a few days. You may have to keep the chick in longer since it is older maybe up to several days to a week. Good Luck

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