I think my chick is dying! URGENT!

Oct 12, 2017
When my chicks came in, one immediately died. Before it died it had weird seizure movements, and couldn't stand up. Now another chick is doing it. Her legs are shaking and she can't stand up. Is it some type of disease? I did notice one pile of red diarrhea. And the rest of the poop is green. They are only 3 days old. HELP!
Where did you get them from? While 3 day olds are unlikely to have a disease if from a hatchery, bloody diarrhea could be coccidiosis. Do you have any Corid/Amprolium?
Keep the bedding bone dry and feeders full.
Depending on their value, you may want to consider sending a dead on to your lab to determine cause of death.

Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at Purdue University

406 South University St

West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-2065

Phone: 765-494-7440
If they were shipped you need to get some liquid nutrients into them.
Water with electrolytes works well. You may have to gently tip their beaks into the liquid to encourage them to drink.

Make sure they are warm and well ventilated. If they get too hot they will die. It they get to cold they will die. Food and water must be with them at all times.

Here's some more information for you:

Most hatcheries only guarantee the chicks wl arrive alive. The most I've ever seen is a 48 hour guarantee, which is generous since once they leave their facility, their health is out of their control.

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