I think my chicken has an impacted crop

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    Oct 25, 2011
    After reading some stories on here, and seeing my chicken Smoke continue to act more sluggish Ive decided to separate her and bring her to the porch for a few days. She continues to lift up her head as if trying to clear something, and her eyes look dull. This morning she was very puffed up but still drinking. She still has enough energy to out run me, so I have the kids on the mission today to try and get her isolated so when I get home I can inspect her crop.

    My understanding is to feed her nothing for 24 hours except for olive oil and massage the crop downwards if there is indeed a lump correct? Any help or comments on this would be appreciated, Thanks Lucy [​IMG]
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    Feel the crop area first thing in the morning. If it has a hard lump in it, than it is indeed a impacted crop. It it is soft and squishy, than it is a soured crop.

    If you think it is impacted, keep her warm at night if it gets cold where you are living, withhold all food except the olive oil. Give her about a tablespoon. Massage the crop for 15 mins or so after giving the oil. Do this a few times a day.

    I have never performed crop surgery, however others on this site have. I am sorry your baby is having trouble. [​IMG]
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    Please let us know how her crop feels like. If she has sour crop give her some apple cider vinegar to offset the effects. How does her breath smell like? I am afraid if she is acting sluggish, she has had this for quite some time. I have done crop surgery before successfully but the hen was still bright and alert which I believe contributed a lot to the survival rate. Let us know if you need any help. [​IMG]
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    Oct 25, 2011
    I did isolated her, I did not smell any odor coming from her. However when I finally got her to the cage on the porch i did notice some drainage coming from her nose. She had a lot of gurgling noises, like she had a cold, when I pressed on the crop it felt crunchy but there was a lump there so I gave here no food for 24 hours only olive oil every 6 hours with a massage after. She seemed to need the massage as every time i went to stroke her she would lift up her neck. Im happy to report 2 days later I gave her oatmeal and she is back to her regular self and back with the group. I feel like Dr. Quinn medicine women lol! Thanks for all your suggestions.
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    [​IMG] So very happy for you and your hen! Mine did not turn out like that! [​IMG]

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