I think my cockerel attacked a pullet this morning, sign of things?

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    My little flock of 4 pullets and one cockerel (was supposed to be a pullet) are around 16-17 weeks old. The boy has started to try to crow and I think he attacked one of the girls this morning. They are locked in a coop at night and free range during the day. This morning the girls came running out and I saw my Barred Rocks bloody neck with missing feathers right away. I cleaned her up and blue-koted the injury and she was fine all day, no one bothered her. I am assuming the young boy tried to mate with her this morning and was too rough? Both my Barred were getting more red combs and looking like they are ready to lay, but after today, the colors dulled and went back to yellow- are they traumatized? Should I just lock them up like normal tonight and see what happens tomorrow? I did not see any aggressive behavior today and was home all day. I am trying to figure out how to increase my hen/roo ratio but afraid to bring in outside hens, I just want everyone to be happy but that little roo better be nice to the girls!
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    Yup not very graceful those teenage boys. He'll get it eventually.
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    It MAY have been the cockerel getting rough, but it could have been another hen feather picking too (to the extent of blood). If you're putting her back out tonight, make sure she is well doused in bluekote - chickens will pick/peck at wounds to the extent of death. Do you see him going after the pullets when they're out and about??? I'd spend some time observing them. Sorry to say, but it may get worse before it gets better if he's just starting... [​IMG]
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    I did make sure her the back of her neck is covered with Blue-kote (me too in the process), you could not see any blood, everything is dry. She stayed with the flock all day, no one even looked at her neck. Last night I saw the little roo half-heartily go after another girl and my husband and I both said "uh-oh". I am pretty sure it was him, he is acting different, definitely more 'cocky'. Hubby is calling him Anthony Wiener 2!
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    Quote:It really shouldn't be funny but [​IMG]
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    My boy just started doing this the other day, too. So far, he's not drawing blood, but I really hate it when he yanks a few feathers off their necks. They are running away any time he gets close, but he still manages to catch a few though he has yet to be successful in his endeavors. [​IMG]

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