I think my eggs are all dead

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    Jun 16, 2016
    So I moved into a new house and the previous owner left 7 hens and a rooster behind. Well 3 out of the 4 hens are very broody, what a bunch of little snots. 4 I can go and get the eggs from (all frizzles) with no issues, the other 3 is more like ya right. The cochin is the meanest and she bites so I haven't even tried to mess with her, yes I did get pecked in the first attempt. After speaking with a few people I know they all suggested that the 3 who are mean and wont come out are all laying on eggs that should be ready to hatch soon. We moved in on 6/3/16 and didn't find the chickens until 6/11/16, in that time they are being fed now and watered properly. I now need to clean out the coop since there is a very nasty smell coming from under one of my hens and there is a trail of ants as well going to that box. My concern is that all 3 of these hens are sitting on ticking time bombs. what should I do?
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    Wait until the Fourth of July and dispose of the little time bombs That will be more than time enough for anything to hatch. The box with the ants may need your attention now.

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