I think my hen is now blind...

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  1. I recently posted that I had a 1+ yr old hen who I recently determined was blind in one eye. Shortly afterwards, she was being severely picked on by the head BO, and I put the BO into "chicken jail". The rest of the flock did well with my 1/2 blind hen, and there was no problem. For the last day, I noticed the 1/2 blind girl has been hanging out in the coop instead of going out in the run or free ranging in the evening. When I went to check on her as she sat on the roost this morning, I noticed she did not seem to see my hand coming towards her "good" eye. She now does not move from a quick move coming from her left or her right...I think she is blind in both eyes.

    What would cause a seemingly healthy hen to go blind? I don't know exactly when she lost sight in her first eye, but this second one has occurred in the last 3 days. Trying to reseach on line, I know Mareks can cause blindness, but usually on birds under 4 months old, and besides, she was vaccined for this when I got her. Any ideas? Thanks for any suggestions...also, do you think it's possible for her to adjust and live ok in the flock, or would it be best to cull her?
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    Might be eyeworms. Supposedly you can see them in the eye. I've read VtRx drops directly in the eye will treat eyeworms with continued treatment over time. Type in 'eyeworm' in the search box and read up on it if you wish. I might add that I'm only guessing at your hens problem. Good luck.
  3. It doesn't sound like eye worm. The eyes themselves have never been watery, pussy, etc. No signs of any injuries (ie pecking at by other birds) to either eye. Just a loss of sight. Eye worms also seem to occur in southern states or warmer climes like the Pacific area, etc. We live in northern Ohio. [​IMG]
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  4. Well, she has spent the whole day on the roost. This makes it two days in a row. I try to hand feed her, but she won't eat. I'm afraid she most likely has not had anything to eat or drink for the past 36 hours or more. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse (or chicken) to water, but you can't make it drink. My husband feels we need to cull her rather than let her suffer through starvation and dehydration. [​IMG] Before the deed is done, does anyone think there is any help for this poor chicken?

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