I think...my roo got beat.

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    That's all I can figure. No one else in the stall is injured that I could see on a cursory glance. I looked pretty good, just didn't pick them up to look too close.

    Do I want to keep this dry? or wet? I have sulfa powder and I have ointments. He's already separated and in a box.


  2. chicmom

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    Feb 24, 2009
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    Oh gee! He looks like a chick. You will want to give that wound a good coating of "Blue Cote" It's a bright blue wound dressing. Now, it's bright blue in color, but it will help the wound heal, plus, the color is not attractive to chickens.

    If you leave it plain, chickens are super attracted to blood, and the color red, so they will peck him until he is dead (well they could).

    Good luck! (Separate him until you can get to the store.)


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