I think new hens got my chicks sick?

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    Okay we bought 2 Laying hens last week (I should have knew something was wrong he he was selling 300 chickens). Well any ways we wanted some laying hens, we wanted some eggs. Well now most all of our other chickens are sick. And one of hubbys friends went and got some of the same flock and the one I looked at had goop in it's eye, and the other was snezzing. I know your gonna fuss at me. What I wanna know is should we kill the new birds to save our lil ones, or is it to late. We have them on meds now. Just wondering what to do now. Thanks
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    It's definitely too late. But that does not mean you have to cull any of them.

    You need to research these diseases here, like IB and MG. (I do not know much about them; you are on your own.) They may survive, with or without treatment. You may or may not choose to get a vet involved, if you can find one.

    Often the chickens will survive and do fine, but will always be carriers. Just look into it and decide which way you want to go.
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    Nope...don't kill them.

    Rule #1, Bio-security....but now you know why, so you should now focus on getting everyone well. [​IMG]

    They probably have one of any number of upper respiratory ailments, such as Infectious Coryza, Infectious Bronchitis, a CRD, or perhaps some other form of respiratory distress including bacterial, fungal, or viral infection.

    Transmission to the rest of the flock is through a host of ways. One way is through contaminated drinking water. Once an infected bird drinks from a community drinking trough, it leaves behind the virus/bacteria through its nasal discharge. Water also becomes contaminated by feces that end up in the water and also through the dust in the air that contains bacteria and settles into the water. Another means of spreading is done through the feed source. Simple contact with other birds and the aerosol droplets of bacteria in the air caused by infected birds are also a common means of transmission of the disease. Because of this you need to isolate the sick chickens.

    You mentioned you are medicating, I am assuming you are using antibiotics. Erythromycin and oxytetracycline (Terramycin) are two that I would consider.

    That's my suggestion.....maybe others will chime in with other ideas.

  4. dangeralley

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    Hubby looked it up last night and said they have CRD. We cleaned out the coop yesterday, and the meds were using is Oxytetracycline HCI. Not all the chickens are snezzing should I move them, or is it to late for them? There all in the same coop.

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