I think one maybe stuck, it's day 8

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    Well it's day 8 and I'm down to 27 eggs, I started with 41. But I have a question on one of the eggs, yesterday I candled all my eggs and I could see movement in all but 4. So I decided to wait another day and try those 4 again. Needless to say 3 out of the 4, I could not see the baby but I could see what looks like breathing. Something in there is going from side to side. I figured, good they are still alive.. Then we get to this last one, I could see plain as the nose on my face a black dot. I the size is about an eraser, maybe a little bit bigger. I thought for sure it was a dud, until I could see it moving BUT it's not moving like a normal one is. What I mean is it looks as though it is stuck on the side of the egg, it's not swimming around the egg. It's right next to where I have my egg marked with an "o" and I tried to turn it to see if it would rotate and it stay in the same spot. But I could see it moving, not a whole lot but it is moving.

    Couple of questions, if in fact it is stuck on the side of the egg, what are the chances of it surviving? Would it end up being a deformed chick? Instead of having the egg laying flat should I have it up to where the larger end is towards the ceiling, do you think that help?

    Or should I just keeping doing what I'm doing and hope for the best? I don't have enough nerve to open it because as long as it is moving, personally, I feel like it's got a chance. But I'm curious what others think....
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    Mark it and candle it again in a few days. If it shows progression then let it be [​IMG]
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    Perhpas leave it on the other side for two turns in a row?

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