I think one of my adult coturnix has a problem PICS ADDED


12 Years
Nov 20, 2007
Glendale, AZ
I have 3 females and 1 male living inside the house - spoiled rotten LOL

i have been noticing on one of the hens her crop area is SUPER FULL and it is very very squishy like a water balloon it drags the bottom of the cage and now she is losing feathers on her chest

I am getting 3 eggs a day so I know she is still laying but she is having a hard time moving around with this water balloon stuck to her front

I thought about lanceing it open to realive some of this pressure built up in it but dont know if I should

Here a few pics taken of her this morning



she has lost alot of her chest feathers


I have tried giving them and my buttons grit but they tend to play in it more than eat it and they send grit flying everywhere

I can try mixing it in the feed and adding it to the feeder and hopefully they eat it ??
So it's dragging as she walks? The bare feathers look actually very normal to me for the bigger coturnixs they normally need to lay down a lot. The crop honeslty only just looks like it's full to me but since this has been a constant thing for a while now (i think i remember you posting weeks before about her)? ANywho, if it was me i'd put some small peices of grit down her throat and once you know it's in her crop palpatate the area and see wher eyou feel it. If the grit didn't go in teh squishy area maybe it is a growth? I'd be worried to lance it myself... just because that can mess up her crop. If she's laying eggs and the skin isnt' getting torn up if it was *me* I'd just leave it alone.
I did post about her awhile back and the crop/balloon was not as big than

Big Bertha does lay down more than the other 2 girls and she is breeding and laying eggs daily

I will add some grit tomorrow and see if that helps her - she does not appear to be in pain are having a hard time moving around

i am not going to mess with it too much but was just wondering if she had any issuse or something

since the other girls and my male dont have this problem

birds can be so confusing at times lol

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