I think our black star hen has a goiter

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    Dec 14, 2015
    One of our chickens, a black star hen who is less than 1 year old has a large growth on her neck . . . it has gotten bad very fast. She has to keep her head crooked, we are guessing in order to keep her respiratory clear, as the goiter (we are pretty sure this is what she has) is obstructing. I know treatment says iodine supplement added to water, but I am wondering, since it is so severe, if it also needs lanced. If so, are there any instructions on doing this? There are no affordable farm vets around here . . . just can't spend $100 plus on a $4.00 chicken. While we do care about her, we also have to be reasonable with spending. Will iodine supplement alone work fast enough to save her?
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    Welcome to BYC. Can you try to post a picture of this growth? The crop in chickens can become enlarged and hard or balloon-like when there is a problem. Tumors can also be common in chickens just about anywhere. I have seen some tumors in the neck area in pictures here. Tumors are very common in chickens with Mareks disease or avian lymphoid leukosis. Below is a diagram of chicken anatomy, and I really can't say where the thyroid in a chicken is located.


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