I think our Easter Egger has crookneck

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May 16, 2015
Hey, we have an Americana that has crookneck, pretty sure anyway. We've given her water w/ molasses and terra-vet 10 in it and mashed pellets with applesauce and scrambled eggs. She is in our cradle/portable brooder in the house right now and my daughter has been hand feeding/watering her. She perks up on occasion in the brooder but most the time lays with her head between her legs with her comb on the ground. The pics are of her pretty perked up. She pooped all over herself today and has what looks like diarrhea. She ate really well last night and quite a bit this morning and a whole scrambled egg but not too interested in pellets and applesauce. ANY SUGGESTIONS... this is the craziest thing I have seen.


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Apr 3, 2011
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Wry neck or crook neck is just a symptom which can be due to a head injury, a vitamin E and selenium deficiency, or due to certain diseases such as Mareks, avian leukosis, and other infectious diseases. Give 3 ml daily of poultry nutri-drench or other vitamin that contains both vitamin E and selenium. Make sure trhat the chicken can get enough food and water--may need to hold and feed. This can take a long time to treat, and doesn't always get better.

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