I think the girls have leg mites?


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Jul 25, 2008
I got two new chickens about 3 weeks ago and when we got them home I noticed their feet were "dry/flakey." After reading a post in another forum, I think they might be mites. Is there any other way to get rid of them without using vasaline? One of the girls has feathered feet and it is hard to get vasaline on her feet. I had a friend who has indoor birds and she suggested getting the shot that gets rid of mites. Has anyone ever heard of this?

Next, how quick will it spread to the others (I've noticed one of the others I've had for awhile has funny looking earlobes. They are light colored and look dry. Could this be mites from the others feet?) and how often should I change their bedding?


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May 23, 2008
Williamsport In.
If it is mites just use baby oil and apply it with a paintbrush. Won't hurt to get the leg feathers soaked. Mites do spread to other chickens on the roosts.
Depending on your climate you change bedding whenever it gets wet and smelly.
Since it is getting cold here I just stir and apply more to keep the barn warmer this winter.
I clean them often in the summer months. Like when you know people will be dropping by to see your chickens

Kind of like well company's coming gotta clean the house.... As long as it isn't stinky I do not think the chickens really care!

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