I think the rooster and other hens killed a chick?

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    Nov 4, 2012
    This morning I went out to feed the chickens and check on my broody hens eggs. One egg was completely missing, no shell. There was a big pile of dark feces where the egg was and later inspecting the area I found a tiny bit of yolk. After searching everywhere I found nothing. The rooster has blood on his beak and a bloody tail, what I think happened was he and probably another hen killed the chick and the other hen started pecking him because he tasted like chicken? Now the rooster is being pecked every once in a while.

    I put a wooden box missing one side over the hen, so she could protect the eggs better.
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    Yes that is possible because chickens are omnivores if you give them leftover chicken meat they'll eat it, that is why chicken owners like to separate broody hens from the rest of the flock because during incubation other hens could step on the eggs, eat them, and when the baby chicks hatch out they might peck and kill the furry intruders.
  3. oh i know the answer to this. they probably did because if you dont get that egg out quick they'll start pecking until it breaks.here is something WEIRD they are kinda like cannibals if you feed them cooked chicken they'll eat it. Weird right? sometimes when they put out eggs and we dont get them quick the shell is broken and for some reason has poop on it.(by the way our eggs are NOT fertilized we have no roosters just hens)[​IMG]

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