I think We have Easter Egger Boys named Marry Ann and Ginger (hoping for hens)

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  1. AuntGEMs4Sicin

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    Hi ,
    These are two of our 4 chicken babes . My husband named them Ginger and Mary Ann
    (two words not one) . We were surprised with a gifted batch of 4 chicks ( approximately 4 weeks old at the time) from a friends, cousins schools 1st grade school science project. ( we may have 3 boys and one girl but I will post about the other two in another thread) . My ages for them are only approximate. all of my babies east snacks and seed and feed from my hands gently. they love to sit beside us when we sing softly to them and are very friendly and adventurous .
    they are approximately 11.5 weeks old in the pics above .
    is silent except for some clucking and 'trilling" noises se sings.
    was not shire but never the flock leader
    does not have any noticable spur bumps (yet) seams to be becoming a little less friendlier than she was, but still pretty friendly


    Ginger was about 8.5 weeks in this collage

    this was Ginger at 8 to 10 weeks
    the following 3 are of Ginger now between 11 and 12 weeks old

    Mary Ann
    is working on developing what sounds like a good strong rooster call.
    has slate/green feet
    was always elusive and shiy till just the past few days
    and looks to have spur bumps coming out on the inside of her legs .
    Mary Ann was about 8.5 weeks in this collage ( she always looked younger than the others)
    this was Mary Ann at 8 to 10 weeks
    the following 3 are of Mary Ann now between 11 and 12 weeks old
    i have a gazillion photos from the day we brought them home to yesterday so if you need more photos to help me i will be glad to post them . thanks in advance for ever ones help here ! ( here to hoping' for girls )
  2. Sunshine0235

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    Jun 2, 2011
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    Both look like boys to me
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  3. farmerChef

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    Nov 18, 2010
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    both are roosters. they both have pointed metallic rooster feathers coming in on thier saddle(back) and hackle(neck). hens feathers will be round.

    they wont have much spur until they are almost a year old.

    if they were hens, they would be colored more like this, se how the feathers are even and rounded?
    (not my picture)
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  4. fshinggrl

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    I see a Gilligan & The professor there. Sorry.
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  5. NewlyHatchedEgg

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    Jun 16, 2014
  6. AuntGEMs4Sicin

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    Sunshine0235 , farmerChef , and fshinggrl , thanks !

    yes the Boys, The Professor (0r Skipper , the DH is trying to decide :p ) and Gilligan ( formerly known as Ginger and Mary Ann ), do have new lovely metallic feathers in their saddle and hackle areas , (so does our Niki .. will post about her/him in a few. ) ... and they are pretty long , and .... well poo! ok . Thank you for your help :) ! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend :)
  7. AuntGEMs4Sicin

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    I would also like to mention that the dark feathers on gingers chest are a dull mahogany like color and not metalic black if that makes a difference on his/her gender?
  8. donrae

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    Two pretty EE cockerels.
  9. Kelsie2290

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    Feb 18, 2011
    X4, two pretty Easter Egger boys
  10. AuntGEMs4Sicin

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    Thanks Every one for the great input! Sadly the boys can not stay, so they will have to be re-homed. But All is not lost , as of tonight we have two girls in quarantine :) . Any one have any tips for re-homing these guys? I would greatly appreciate hearing them ! Thanks again!

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