I think we lost one today.


9 Years
May 6, 2010
SW Iowa
We let them free range during the day and are in and out all the time. We live in a small rurual town in Iowa. Later this afternoon I did a head count of my 6 week old pullets and I am missing one. Seriously we watch them out the patio door and we were both in and out all day as well as in and out of the coop. I have no idea whether it was a cat, dog, fox, hawk or what. From now on though they will only be out in their fenced pen unless we are right there with them.
She wasn't even 2 months old they don't go broody that young do they? A neighbor who was looking for his dog yesterday morning told us he kicked up a fox not even a block from our house when he was out looking for his dog.
No. They don't go broody that young. Sorry about your loss.
I don't know if chickens figure this stuff out but they have been in their little yard today and only were allowed to free range late today when we were right out their with them. None of them would go way up in the other yard where they had been yesterday and previous days. They used to love to run all over that yard. Today, they stayed right over in our yard or barely into the other one.

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