I think we've got Avian Pox. Do I separate the bird? Advice? (pics)

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    Ugh. Pleeeeeeease help! I have 3 hens who are about 16 months old. They're never loose in the yard - they have an enclosed run and a moveable chicken tractor to access grass. This morning I noticed that my BR has black worty spots on her comb and wattles. I searched BYC and it looks like Avian Pox. The other two hens (EE and BO) don't seem to be infected - or if they are, their combs and wattles are clean. Should I separate the "infected" one? I have a separate run, but not a separate coop for nighttime safety, although i do have a small cage (my little broody buster cage) that I could put her in on our patio at night.



    Should I be treating this with anything? Do I do nothing, leave all 3 together, and just let it run its course?

    Advice on what to do with other 2 birds? Or is there a way I can see if they are infected?

    I'm a total novice on chicken illnesses and want to do what i can for my girls.... I'm so stressed for her... [​IMG]

    Also - can it be transmitted via mosquitos? Or is this something they get from other birds?

    Thanks in advance!!!! I feel totally lost and don't want to miss doing something I should be doing - thx!
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    Whew, lets see if I can dsiperse everything I learned in the past 2 weeks (mine are just now on the uphill)

    My first advice is to seperate her. The other ones have been exposed but may not get it. Just keep her seperate for a few days until you know for sure if the others are showing signs. DO NOT VACCINATE THEM. If any of them have it in them already and you vaccinate they will get VERY sick.

    Your hens are old enough that this shouldn't really affect them, it just looks really bad. (trust me it looks worse than it is) Just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't start developing around their nose or eyes or get into their mouth. Then you'll have trouble. If you notice it in any of those areas immediatly peel off any sores (some look like yellow canker sores in those areas).

    The pox can be spread by mosquitos, wild birds, direct or indirect contact. Its viral so theres really nothing you can do except let it run it's course, however once your birds are done they will never get it again (YAY!)

    As far as anything that helps, I was told to try putting iodine on the sores, that it helps dry them out and make them fall off. It didn't help mine at all. I've also been told to try black show polish. Mine got over it in about 3 weeks so I never got to try the show polish. However it can take as long as 6 weeks to 2 months for symptoms to completely dissapear. Also, I put duramycin and electrolytes in their water and that seemed to really help them a lot. The sores are very highly contagious so make sure you give your pen a good cleaning when this is over, especialy before you bring in any new birds.

    They will probably stop laying, or lay a lot less while sick. Mine stopped laying completely. My roosters are just now starting to do their buisness again. This is nothing that can affect you in anyway, however you can bring it to other peoples chickens, so make sure you clean yourself thouroughly before going near someone else who has chickens or going to other farms. Warn people that have birds that may come over that yours are under quarantine. Practice as much bio security as you can. This isn't harmful to adult birds but it can be devestating to chicks.

    Did I cover everthing? If I missed anything let me know. I've been going through this for about 3 weeks now and my birds have finally stopped showing signs. I've been a paranoid mess the whole time. I lost a few chicks to this before it all went away.
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    DragonEggs pretty much covered it all, well said! I've dealt with fowl pox several years ago myself. The scabs will dry up and fall to the ground and are highly contagious to other chickens. Unfortunately they popup elsewhere on their comb or wattles and repeat the cycle, til finally the virus runs its course. In my case, iodine helped dry them up or shrink them. Just keep an eye on them and be patient, time heals.
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    i deal with it all the time here in Florida!! Pepsodine toothpaste also clears them up real good. Once they get it they get it, they won't get it again!

    I would vaccinate any birds not showing symptoms!!!!! It's really easy to do and i was told they won't get sick???
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    Apr 13, 2009
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    So just a question? Once your birds have it and get over it, time has passed and now you are introducing new chicks.. are they susceptible even though it has been like over a yr since the original flock had it?
  6. DragonEggs

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    May 11, 2010
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    Quote:Huh thats a good question... I didn't research that one... WIll birds that had it once remain carriers and pass it on to new birds? Luckily i've had all my new birds vaccinated
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    Quote:Yes, if they have not been vaccinated they are susceptible. They get Fowl Pox from mosquitoes. Unless, you vaccinate or can control the mosquitoes then they can get it.

    Give them lots of protein. Scrambled eggs, oatmeal, peanut butter, etc. Put the Vit/Electrolytes in their water. They should recover just fine. Just be sure and watch and make sure it doesn't turn into Wet Pox.
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    Quote:Unless i'ts the Quail Pox strain, in which the Fowl Pox Virus or Vaccine will offer no immunity or protection
  9. guesswhatchickenbutt

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    Mar 5, 2009
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    You guys are the best!!!

    Thanks SO much for the advice....

    So you all think I should leave my hen who's obviously affected with the 2 hens who don't seem affected? I'm guessing they'll show symptoms soon enough and I guess it's better for them to all get this at the same time and get immunity right?

    I'll hit up the feed store tomorrow and see if i can find some good vitamins to add to their water.

    Thanks all!! I really do appreciate the quick response.

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