I thought I knew what breed of chickens I had, but now I don't know!

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    Jun 13, 2010
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    As some of you might of read and remembered my past posts regarding having Delwares hens and no roo as I had thought I bought from my Seller. Well today I found an 18 wk Maran cockerel. He's big and gorgeous. I went to the ladies house to pic him up and I showed her a pic of my hens and she said they were not Delawares because they had feathers on the outside of their legs. She called them by their real breed name and I was in such shock that as she was speaking I was not hearing her words and can't remember the name she called them. They totally look like Delawares but she said they aren't. Does anyone know what breed she was talking about. What other breed looks just like Delawares, but has fearthery legs? I really got to know...[​IMG]
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    light brahmas?
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    Post a picture and I am sure the experts will tell you what you have...

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    Quote:Thats what I am thinking too, that or crosses.

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