I thought I purchased Isa Browns, but they aren't brown week 3.


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Mar 23, 2018
I purchased 10 Pullet Isa Brown chicks from TSC and they are almost to the end of week 3 of growth. They were slightly yellowish when chicks first purchased a few days old, no brown yet folks. I'm a bit concerned! Is it normal for them to be a slightly dirty yellow and no brown on week 3 going on week 4? Are they even Isa Browns?!

Thanks for your input!


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If the chick was yellow/grey. Looked like they ran through soot.

I'd say they are Plymouth white rocks.
Look like amberlinks possibly as well
That was my thought... or 236s or something in the commercial layer realm like that. Hard to tell yet if it's solid white like a Rock/Leghorn or has black bleed like a 236 or red bleed like an Amber... lt doesn't look like a meatie to me, though.

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