I thought it took 28 days?


11 Years
Oct 1, 2008
North Carolina
I had nine eggs due to hatch tomorrow under a broody hen. I took tomorrow off from work so I could be home with them. When I come home from work today I found one peachick dead in the run and four were hatched under the hen, with two more pipped. If I had known they would hatch in 27 days I would have taken today off too and maybe saved the one chick.
So sorry!

Sometimes the eggs hatch early. Most of my eggs that hatch, hatch a day or 2 before they are actually spose to hatch.
I had 3 hatch yesterday at day 27 and 1 today at day 28. You hatch enough of anything then you find out the actual day is more like a guideline. An early hatch is much better than a late one. The late hatches of anything seem to be weaker and have more leg and toe problems.
She's a great seller. I have purple bs silver pied chicks that just hatched from her and six more of her eggs (bronze and spaulding-java) in the incubator. She is also sending me seven more. This is the third year I have bought eggs from her off Ebay. I have two nice white males hatched from her eggs, two years ago, that are breeding this year
I have considered buying eggs from that seller many,many times,,,but it's a distance thing for me,,glad you have great luck with them.I always try to locate eggs within 250 miles from me when bidding-buying,,hoping it will only take 2 days to get them here,although last year on one auction 128 miles away,it took 3 days to get them here.

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