I thought my Pekin's had quit laying


5 Years
Mar 29, 2016
As the title said, I thought my ducks had quit laying until I found a nest today which had 5 eggs in it. I have seen them make a nest in their coop before but then it is gone later in the day. It turns out they are burying their eggs. Now, I am going to assume these eggs are good because they only quit laying for two days and I was getting three eggs a day every day before that so they can only be a few days old.

Anyway, is this just normal duck behavior or do my ducks want to hatch some eggs? I don't have any drakes so they can't hatch them and they are only a few months old so I'd think they are not old enough to want to hatch...That aside, I have read that Pekin ducks are not known for their desire to be mothers.

While I am here, another question. One of my Pekin's is laying green eggs, is that normal? Or is it maybe mixed? They are quite green, too, not just lightly tinted.


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Jan 3, 2010
Southern New England
Well, the eggs aren't fertile, so the only risk is them rotting and exploding, I think.

Ducks can get the broody urge, even the breeds considered unlikely to go broody. I have a couple of Runners who consistently get broody in spring or summer, and a Buff who does, too. I let them sit on duds, just marking the eggs I let them sit on, and also monitoring their body condition because they don't eat as much when they are broody.

Usually in about 35 days or so they are done. At least once the rest of the flock decided a broody was done, and disassembled the nest she was sitting on. It was late summer, I think they felt it was a risk to her to be sitting going into the cooler season.

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