I thought she was gone :-(

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    May 27, 2009
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    When I went out to put my birds to bed last night I was missing my silver leghorn. I checked every where last night and this morning. [​IMG] When I got home tonight I went out to check again. I asked DS to give the birds their scratch while I climbed up in the loft for another look. As I am about to heave myself up DS yells "Mommy, there's a chicken in here!!!" [​IMG] I must have left the bin open yesterday after I gave them their treats and the bugger hopped in for a feast [​IMG] . The opening is only about 6" x 4" so she is one of 2 birds that could actually fit in there. Poor thing was in there for 24 hours. She is all puffed up and very thirsty but hopefully by tomorrow she will be fine. I thought I was losing my mind because they weren't let out yesterday and I was sure I counted everyone Sunday night. [​IMG]
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    glad she's been found. Hope she gets plenty of water and food and learns not to do that again.

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