I thought sure I'd love chickens by now...


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Jan 27, 2011
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I have been so excited about building the coop finding and deciding breeds of chickens. But, two months into it, they are really nasty! What kind of animal poops where it eats and sleeps...they must be SO stupid! Yeah, they are eating bugs and providing us with chicken manure...a lot of it, but they are attracting flies they are not interested in slugs and snails and I am afraid for my plants and garden! My daughter can't run barefoot in the grass, the dogs are bringing poop into the house on their feet *sigh* we are scratching the 100% free range idea and building an 80% of the time fenced run. Perhaps, I should just cool down a little and wait for the eggs...I'm sure by then I will love them. So much for the living lawn ornaments I thought they would be. I do love to watch them develope into adulthood and they are so much fun to just sit and watch run around being stupid birds. So here is my question:
What exactly do you get out of your chickens...BESIDES EGGS?

I just don't get the chicken obsessed...
Their funny, and individual, personalities! The snuggles from Tootsie in the coop. The affectionate pecks and scratches at your jeans and boots! The lovely coos when you tuck them in at night! You get the point! They are just sweet to be around. They DO each have their own personalities and they find some way to touch your heart or give you a chuckle on a down day...
I am sorry to hear you are not adjusting well to your chickens. Chickenkeeping isn't for everyone, but it sounds like you are giving it a good try. It also sounds like your chickens aren't laying yet, which means they are "teenagers". Much like humans, they are kind of obnoxious.

Sometimes, it is better for your situation to have them in an enclosed run most of the time. Maybe you will learn to love them more then because, as you pointed out, they are so fun to watch. And there is something very exciting about getting eggs, so once your pullets start laying, you may get a little bit more excited about having them.

My girls are out in the yard all day, but we do have to hose off the backyard walkways frequently so we don't get chickie poo on our shoes. In fact, on the back porch, I have a special pair of what I call my "chicken shoes" that I wear when out in the yard. It doesn't matter how much we hose off the walkway--we still get chick doody on our shoes.

I know your pain about the dog tracking the chicken poo into the house. Our dog has gone that extra step and started eating it. It's really gross. I have to chastise her every time I catch her doing it, but I can't follow the dog out back every time she goes outside. I *do* have a job and a life, etc.

I hope things work out well for you and your chickens.
i love to hold mine and pet them. they are so silky soft. they have not given me eggs in months but i just love to watch them be chickens! i only have four big girls and four babies. i am not exactly chicken obsessed but i do adore my girls....they are easy to care for and do not need much. if the coop is taken care of properly they do not smell or seem to attract flies...not mine anyway. they are simple animals yes...but not stupid in my opinion. they are clever and quick but very simple. beautiful too.
You may never love your chickens and that's OK. I love mine and spend a lot of time with and on them. But on the other hand, I do no like dogs, have never loved one despite all the pets other family members have had. If after a few months you decide that chickens aren't for you, sell them and chalk it up to experience. That is the most humane thing to do. Don't worry about the money spent, or wasted. If you learned from this, then it wasn't a waste.

My daughter if firmly committed to having a disconnect from the food she eats and its source.
I have had chickens now for five years and yes when you look at the poopy side of them it can be a bit gross but I also say they have given me lots of hours of enjoyment. I love to just watch them be chickens. I have a bench outside of their run and coop and I find on days that I am feeling very stressed I go sit on the bench and watch them and find I destress very quickly. I will also say that I used to let my chickens free range my backyard, but because I am also a gardener that lasted one summer and I decided they had to be kept in a run. I love my flowers and vegetables and so did they, so they now stay in their area. But for me the rewards totally out weighed the negatives. I hope you will find that too.
I agree they are gross in a way. I have mine in run 80% of the time. I let them range at the end of the day a few hours. It may be that they are just not for you but wait until they start laying. My girls personalities changed when they started laying. Much calmer

My dogs are also eating it...disgusting
feel like making them gargle mouth wash
Sometimes I think all dogs eat chicken poop.

It can take a while to find your own management style, what you are most comfortable with. If they can get at your young garden plants, you will really be upset with them. And, yes, chickens might not be for everyone. I hope you all get settled down in time, though! I sure did!
I don't have any right now and haven't since Fall or right before Fall last year.

What I got out of them? Peace. Beauty. Tranquility. I could literally sit in the yard for hours just watching them, relaxing and getting away from the craziness of life, job, etc.

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