I took one of the Sebbie goslings to the post office...

Discussion in 'Geese' started by TennesseeTruly, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Mar 5, 2009
    Church Hill, TN
    One of the postal workers told me that she never gets to see them except through the box. She can hear them peeping away but she's never seen them. So I decided to bring a gosling to the PO for her to see and love on. Hubby walked in with 6 boxes and set them on the counter and I moved to the back of the long line. All the sudden the little gosling started peeping, (because she was inside my coat and wanted to see what was going on).

    The PO worker, Christy, lifted her head up and said really loudly, "Okay who's got babies to ship out?" I tried to hide behind the guy ahead of me. She saw me though and said, "Laurie, there's no holes in these boxes! Are you shipping babies?!?" I said "nope, not shipping babies today." She's looking all over and goes back to helping the customers but everytime this gosling peeped, she'd look up. I couldn't contain it anymore and burst out laughing.

    I pulled the little gosling from my coat and she went running over to the other counter while calling another employee from the back to come out to help the customers. LOL

    She must have taken 10 or more pics of the baby with a promise she's coming to my house this weekend to spend some time with the geese. I love making other people happy. She can't have geese where she lives but she knows where she can always come visit to get a "fix"! LOL

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    Oh, that was such a sweet story! You must've made her day..that5 was such a kind thing to do!
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    Jan 11, 2010
    What a lovely thing for you to do!! I would be hopeless working in that post office.. I would always be wanting to see the babies and the recipients would be wondering why they were shipped an empty box.. [​IMG]

    I recently took a duckling to the feed store for the workers to see. An old bloke had asked them to sell some " ducklings " for him. He brought in month olds and they were so disappointed that they were so big already. I went back the next day with one that was only 2 days old..the owners comment.. " now thats a duckling" lol
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    I shut the local post office down the one time that I wasn't able to pickup goslings in the early morning before they opened. For insurance putposes you are supposed to check the birds before leave the PO. Most of the counter people had never seen live goslings so when the box was brought out to the counter, they just gathered around on their side and the customers on my side. of course when the box was opened 4 of 8 goslings jumped out looking for aa place to hide. The guy that I usually met early in the morning and I were ready for them and put them in one of those white corrigated(sp)plastic mail baskets. I could have sold every one of them for mpre than I paid but of course I wouldn't sell to someone that didn't know how to raise them. Day old goslings are so darn cute! a Week or two later they just look clumbsy (sp)~gd
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    Mar 5, 2009
    Church Hill, TN
    Quote:I agree! They're just so cute! Every person that came into the post office wanted to see the gosling. So they'd do their business and then come over to us. We have a small Post office so if you get 6 people inside, its packed. Finally I knew I had to leave or they'd get no work done at all.

    It was a nice field trip for everyone though!!


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