i took some pics of the guineas we have runnin around here


9 Years
Nov 27, 2010
Marysville Ohio
theyre free ranged and you dont see them very much and when ya do its hard to get some pics of them cause they dissapear again but i managed to snap some pics of them today
theyres two whites and i think four lavender pied
and i think theres three males and three females
one of the lavender pied males is over 6 years old
theres five that are under a year and one just over a year old

this is the old guy

this is the group under a year old hatched this summer

the white one in the bottom pic is the one just over a year old

below is older guy on the far left and the youngest group

older guy on the bottom and the younger above him

older guy he still looks pretty good tho for bein so old in the pic below he still feels like chasin the chickens from time to time thats what hes doin below gettin ready to charge them lol

let me know what ya think

Handsome birds Cole, Pieds are so attention catching, gotta love all that flashiness!
And your old guy isn't really that old... healthy well cared for Guineas can live 15 yrs+!
yea i know they can live long but hes pretty dang lucky to live as long as he has
with as many predators as hes seen/as many of his buddies as hes seen die hes extremely lucky to be living
In my experience with my 6+yr old full-time free range flock... the more of their flock-mates that they witnessed get taken by predators over he years, the smarter the remaining birds got about surviving. Wise ol' bird you have there... hope he passes his survival instincts on to the rest of the flock, and future generations

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