I tried a NEW food this weekend....

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    Aug 27, 2009
    So, My Delaware named Tillie is just over a month out from her MMA match with a nasty coon.....

    We got the coon....captured....gone.

    Tillie is eating and surviving....she is hand fed often and does ok on her own....not great by any meands but....she gets the job done.

    After feeding her all sorts of stuff recently (what ever she could grab and get down easiest) from scrambled eggs, to noodles to whatever....

    She has almost NO top beak and a very lil bottom beak...

    Any who.....I went fishing with my son Saturday.....we had some minnows or killies left over....I kept about 20 of the smaller ones...they go about 1.5 - 2in or so....I thought....hmmm.....wonder if.....would she.....???

    Well, add killies to the preferred list of foods!! She ate 7-8 Saturday and we finished em off yesterday....They were all alive when she ate them and she totally enjoyed!!
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    Wow, go Tillie go. Hope she is healing fast. [​IMG]
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