I Trust Nature, Letting Brahma Mama Do Her Thing


Feb 22, 2019
South Carolina
She started with 12 eggs, then the numbers began to dwindle. At first I thought it was rats--it can't be snakes because the nights have been in the 30's or even 20's too often. Then I decided she was eating her own eggs. I was furious. Furious!!!!! How can this be happening? After doing a ton of research I came to the conclusion this beautiful girl was not randomly cannibalizing her eggs, but might possibly be eliminating the "dead" ones and/or meeting a nutritional need. So I immediately began making gourmet chicken food for her with lots of crushed shells and trace minerals--I call it "Hen Bread"--and giving her her own little bowl every day to eat from when she got up to take a quick break from sitting.

The egg destruction stopped and she's now in hatch week. We have one live chick, six yet to come out. So that's my take on the cannibalism. All 20 chickens plus "Jefe" The Rooster live in a large enclosed run and are fed 16% Layer feed along with oyster shell, black oil sunflower seeds, chicken scratch, and occasional fresh grass cuttings. They have straw, shade, sunshine, attached coop... the only thing missing is their own television I suppose. Jefe even gets spa baths for his feet.

So in the end, I'm trusting nature. These Brahmas are good chickens and have always been gentle and good egg layers, not very aggressive.



Great Horny Toads
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Jul 16, 2015
How are they doing? Sometimes birds fed a 16% protein feed will get deficiencies when you also feed lower protein treats like you do. Birds sometimes turn to egg eating or cannibalism to correct their diet. I recommend feeding a higher protein ration and see if that helps.
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