I used to have cows...love cows...remembered something I found very

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    funny at the time, and still...advertised weanling calves in the local paper...had many calls for my group of babies...one couple came chugging up the dirt road and drive in a four door car, a rather nice one...I figured they were there just to look...they were quite a pair...sandals with black feet, not a full set of teeth between them...he was chewing tobacco and spitting everywhere...ug! So I figured they had just come to look...we went to the calf pen and they looked and talked and evaluated each little steer...they picked one...I told them the price and the money came out of pockets, shoes, bras and socks and they finally found enough to pay for the calf...I asked them when they were coming back for him. They said they were going to take him with them now...I looked at them, the calf, the CAR and said, "huh?" They said he could ride in the back seat...I am thinking, "Oh God, you are kidding!" We put two ropes on the steer and moved him to the car...my husband, myself, and the two buyers...they opened both back doors on the car, fed the rope through and proceeded to drag, push and pull the calf into the car...anyone who know cows knows that when they get scared the bellow, slobber, evacuate their bowels and urinate buckets of the stuff they have been saving for special scary situations...we got him in the back seat, the doors slammed and they pulled out with this calf doing all of that and bucking around in the back seat...I would not have wanted to clean out that car...can you imagine?!
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    Ewwww! Stress diarrhea can not be cleaned or bleached out of the car!
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    In the last minute or so, my knowledge of cow behavior has increased by 100%, And not in a good way.

    Thanks for the morning laugh

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    Wow! Too funny! I want a cow soooo bad... But we do have a trailer.
  5. Do you know wher they live so you can do a driveby and just sort of see where the little guy went? It's a hilarious story, but worries me where they are going to keep him . . .and was he castrated . . .hate to think how they would handle that situation too. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    oh yeah...he was a steer and they were intending to fatten him for the freezer so I can only assume they took pretty good care of him...I once swapped three calves I paid 25 cents a piece, yes, 25 cents, for a horse that I saw tied to a tree in someone's yard...coldest day of the year and raining and he was emaciated...I had no trailer then nor did I know anyone who had one...I walked him home seven miles...he was a strawberry roan gelding, a cross between a quarter horse and a tennessee walker...he was so ugly he was adorable...pie pan feet, floppy lower lip that flapped and made popping noises when he trotted...totally bomb proof and child proof...best horse I ever owned...he liked beer and potato chips and I had to hobble him and double tie him when I took him on overnight camping/trail rides...he would untie himself and raid tents to steal snack foods like chips and candy...he was a riot...I also had to nail him in the barn at night as he would open stall doors and not being content to be out alone, he would let the other horses out, the goats, the ducks and chickens, the cows...everyone had to party with him in the garden...but again, back to the calves, I figured the people would take better care of them as they were freezer items for them and the rest of their family...the horse was just a liablity no one really wanted...
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    Duck walk, that is funny. Years ago we had a VW. We took out the front passenger seat, put something on the floor and brought home milk goats that way, one at a time. We had three, two Saanen, one Nubian. It's just a matter of doing what needs to be done. And it makes pretty good memories for the human kids to talk about later as adults.
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    That poor little calf! [​IMG] [​IMG]

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