I want a broody...couple of questions...UPDATED: WE HAVE A BROODY!

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    May 14, 2011
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    I'm about to give up on my mostly hatchery provided flock every going broody [​IMG]

    So I'm considering other options. If I was to search out a reputable breeder and buy a specific breed, what would be some really good options to improve my chances of getting a broody. Also, if I was to find someone close by who is ridding themselves of a broody (probably never going to happen), would the hen continue it's broodiness even after moving it a couple hours and putting it in a new home?

    I had hoped that maybe keeping 8 eggs in a nest for a week would make one go broody, but I figured from the start it was an old wive's tale.
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  2. Jeffross1968

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    May 14, 2011
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    Another question...as I said, I have eggs in the nest hoping to spur one into broodiness. They have been sporadically sat on while hen's are laying in that box. I would guess that a couple hours a day might have started things going, and then when they cool off any incubation chances have ended. If I do have get a broody in the next week, before I switch the eggs out for new ones, should I let them sit, or remove them and add newer eggs?
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    May 9, 2011
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    I've heard that Cochins are very broody as are Buff Orpingtons. I have BO's and I have already had 4 of them go broody and they have only been laying for about 8 months. :) Sorry, can't help you on the rest. Good luck with your broody search. :)
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    Switch out the old eggs. After ten days the fertility drops off.
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    The best broodys are bantams usually. I have a Silkie and d'Uccle that are broody all the time, never stop. They together have hatched out over a hundred chicks already. I would remove the other eggs and they are probably not going to have much of a chance after all the fluctuating temperatures.
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    May 14, 2011
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    Well, I think my chickens have internet access, LOL. Hours after I posted this we noticed that our Light Brahma has been in the laying box for hours. I took some of the eggs we were using to spur them into going broody, and put them next to her, and she immediately added them to the fresh ones under her. I got a few more from the day before and added them.

    Now, this morning, she was still on them but got off when I opened the coop door. She came out and ate, and unfortunately, another hen took her place (we're guessing to lay). She came in and sat in the laying box next to the one she was sitting in all night. We chased the new hen out and picked up the Brahma and put her back on the eggs where she has sat since then.

    So, couple new questions....

    1) We have a raised coop, and just recently used machine cloth to fence in the area underneath to use as extra run space, with the idea that we could, if needed, close off the opening between the two run sections so she'd have a dedicated broody area. Thing is, I certainly don't feel it's as secure as the coop. What issues will I be facing by letting her stay in the laying box (1 of 7) instead of separating her from the others?

    2) How about when the chicks are hatched? Will she be able to keep them safe?

    3) Will she likely get off the eggs to eat and drink at the same time each day, first thing in the morning, like she did today?

    4) Any other advice for a first time owner of a broody hen?

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